ODAWAOdawa | Ottawa, the Political Capital of Canada

“Odawa” translates to “people who trade”, from the anishnaabe dialect of the original peoples from these lands; unceded territory

Anishinaabeg Aki



Kichi Zibi, the Algonquin name for the Ottawa River, runs through the very center of the capital of Canada. On one side of Kichi Zibi is Ottawa Ontario, and on the other resides Gatineau, Quebec. Many indigenous tribes inhabited this territory before the confederation created provinces. The crown law has never entered formally into an agreement with the Algonquin’s regarding this obviously meaningful landmark, the falls have been meeting place during hunting season and nomadic living. Actually treaties have been ignore that where signed by native nation with the crown. England used to call the land their dominion, huge arguments where fought on all the Americas. The truth is its time to reconcile returning land to its true stewards.

There must be a first nations cultural present in Odawa | Ottawa, so that a political one can be welcomed.


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